Exams and Course Diplomas


Not all students will have access to high-speed internet to access the course audio lectures or printable test. While it is recommended to have internet access so that you may access course content, it is not necessary. Course audio lectures and tests may be issued by the Academic Administrator. The lectures and PDF Test may be downloaded and provided to you on a flash drive (1GB or greater recommended), or a flash drive may loaned to you for no additional cost for the duration of your course. Flash drives issued to you must be returned upon submission of your Multiple Choice Test.

All exams are Multiple Choice answers and will be graded by the Academic Administrator. Students must score a 70% C on exams for a passing grade. Passing results qualifies you to receive the diploma from Trinity College of the Bible verifying that you have completed the course.  

Tests are “open book” format. This means you are allowed to listen to the lectures as often as necessary to arrive at your answers for the questions. The Bible will be used for your textbook.

When submitting your test, you have two options.

  1. Print the multiple choice test. Fill in your answers. (Printed copies of the tests may also be obtained by contacting Academic Administrator). Once you have completed the exam, send by U.S. post to the Academic Administrator.
  2. View the questions online, open the exam form and then select either A, B, or C, as your answer to the question. When you have answered each question select the SUBMIT button to send your exam for grading. You will receive an email within 24 hours with your grade.

The Bible may be used to find answers for topics that are not in the lectures.

While these courses are designed to take at your own pace, it is recommended that you play the audio lectures in a quiet setting with the ability to take notes, free of distractions.


TBLI-Arkansas awards the diploma for completion of institute programs. All degree diplomas are issued through Trinity College of the Bible.  An awards ceremony and reception will be held at Poyen Assembly of God during the year to give students an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. Students not wishing to participate in the ceremony can request their diploma be sent by U.S. mail to them.