Becoming an Indispensable Leader

An article by Quinn McDowell, Contributor for Athletes in Action dated July 17, 2017

“The only way to be indispensable is to be different.” (Seth Godin)

Indispensable leaders are becoming more valuable than ever. Leaders who can authentically inspire their teams to sustained levels of success are the ones who are making the biggest impact in a new economy that is starving for love, courage, and authenticity.

Big data, analytics, and automation have fundamentally changed how we think about the business of building a team: everything has become measurable and quantifiable. Yet, the very things that are impossible (or extremely difficult) to measure—human connection, authenticity, purpose, etc—are becoming more crucial to the success of teams everywhere.

Indispensable leadership has never been more valuable because now more than ever teams are starving for leaders who can cut through the noise and are able to hone in and focus on what is most important. The leaders who can strike a balance between productivity and relationship, efficiency and love, results and embracing the process, are the leaders that ultimately become indispensable.